Meet the Team

Buck started Gladden Sales in 2001 with the vision of making Gladtags a household name in the construction industry. He has surpassed that goal within the U.S. and Canada and is now focusing on efforts to expand Gladtags throughout the globe.

Kellie started working at Gladtags in 2010 as a production assistant. She worked her way up the Gladtag’s scaffold ladder and is now the Office Manager. She has her hands in just about every aspect of the business and knows how to operate every printer and almost every piece of machinery used to make Gladtags. Her favorite thing about working at Gladtags is getting to talk to people all over the world. She loves hearing the different accents.


Felicia started at Gladtags in 2013, she started off as a production assistant, and moved her way up to Admin/Customer Service. She loves making the customers day, by showing them the meaning of Southern Hospitality. She takes pride in what she does, her motto is (if you love your job you never worked a day in your life). She loves to spend time with her family, shopping and just living life to the fullest.